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Episode 10: How Systems are Transforming My Ability to Control my Time and Focus

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When I first started Taekwondo with my family, we didn’t get to be white belts at first. In the particular form that we were learning with our particular teacher, you didn’t automatically get a white belt. You had to earn your white belt. I completely understand why, because we were pretty terrible in the beginning.

Let’s face it, I wasn’t too terrible, but everybody else was.

In particular, I can remember my daughter Mia, she just, it was like she, she couldn’t confidently throw a punch, make a step, make a move. Even her key ops were little, barely heard mutterings and I thought it was because she Like it. Maybe that was part of it, but really it was just that her body and her mind didn’t know how to make the moves.

We kept practicing and we kept going to, to the practices. We kept going to our sessions and eventually we got our white belts, we got our yellow belts, then we got our green belts, and now . We are training to get our purple belts, and we are considered mid level practitioners. The other day, I was watching Mia in session, and she gets to do an extra session a week because I am at work I can’t make it, but she gets to do it.

She’s probably been practicing the most out of everyone, because my son … He had baseball practice, he couldn’t make it either during that second practice. I realized that right now, she is the best taekwondo practitioner in our family. She’s got the moves down. She looks good. She’s so fierce.

Her ki ups are great. Sparring with her is scary. Yeah. I was so proud of her, and my heart was just filled with pride, mama pride, that she had gone, come such a far way. But what I realized is that it’s not just that she was practicing all the time, it’s that she was practicing a system. There were certain moves that she had to do.

There were certain orders of how things were done. There were certain ways, certain angles, that her hands had to move, that her feet had to move, and she was practicing those. She was practicing systems, and as she practices, practiced those systems, she went from weird and awkward and unhappy, to effortless.

I bring this story up and I share it with you today because the thing that will make you thrive in life and in business are systems.

Think about ready and how you do your day. Have or a system, always follow, is second nature to you. You don’t have to think about if something goes wrong, most. Always. Because you failed the system. Atul Gawande talks about this a lot. In particular, his book, The Checklist Manifesto, goes through why it is so important to have a checklist.

A checklist where you hold yourself accountable for the system. He talks about how important this is not only in flight engineering and also in medicine. It was pivotal in changing that surgery. and medicine formed to decrease the number of errors.

Habits and systems are really important because they help you to save the energy.

Also, what do I mean by that? A system that you build yourself saves you time.

But, exponentially saves you time. You share that system. A delegating person. Or two machines. your system using Zapier’s other systems that allow you to schedule at certain time to perform certain actions when certain luize your life, me tell you, right? And continues to revolution.

I still a hard time with launches. I’m still, and every launch is like the first launch wasn’t until I realized that I could plan it all out and schedule all my e workflows. If somebody signed up the webinar, then they would get a certain of. Emails on certain numbers of days. It wasn’t until I figured out how to do that, that like I could actually survive through a launch.

The same thing with my content. My content is all scheduled and emails are all performed off of templates. I just change the templates depending on, what the content is. But all the brand colors, all fonts, All of the sections, the way that the email is formed, pictures, all of those things are templated.

I don’t have to worry about them, all I have to worry about is my message.

The same occurs in my professional business, in my position.

Use templates every day for my diagnoses, that way I know there’s no typos, there’s no errors, I know exactly what to say every day. Every time there’s less confusion with my clients and eventually, templates will be used in medicine using AI. Artificial intelligence doesn’t work unless you have a template. Produced to chatgpt, to just go and download the app right now and start playing with it.

Chatgpt is the artificial intelligence that has recently come out within the past year. It is the first sourced artificial intelligence that is open and available to the general public. Cat GPT allows you to write a letter, essay, write a book, all you need to do is make sure to print.

This might make some people concerned as they start to wonder if artificial intelligence is going.

It’s not there yet, and really, I believe that it’s not the, it’s not that people should not be. Be afraid that artificial intelligence is going to take your job, but the real fear that you should have is that the people in artificial intelligence will take your job because they are saving themselves so much time.

Key to using artificial intelligence is that you need to have artificial intelligence to, if you are into artificial intelligence, you will notice popping right now, a lot of people are selling. Templates that actually work.

I guess that’s all I have to say about this important topic. I think that it’s so important to have a system and to have those workflows with whatever you have, ever you’re doing, because it just allows you to free up your imagination and leadership abilities to continue to press your super power.

If you are not working on your systems And you’re like, I can’t, I don’t even know what she just said this whole time. If you agree with me, but you don’t know where to start, you should join the So Money Society.

Just launching the Business Accelerator Society about systems and how to implement systems and how to team those systems so that we free up our time and our energy to do.

If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at www. sheismoney. com. Find all the information. Also. My vlog podcast, what else I’m up to right now, exiting the freeway, I hope that somebody got something out of this. If you did,

make sure that you,

that’s it, love you guys.

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