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Episode 6: Dr. Latifat business and her life Story

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The way that I could increase my salary at that time was through bonuses. But what I found was that no matter how hard I worked or no matter how much I cared in the end, the bonus was really not. linked to any kind of ratio that I could measure. It was based on how much was left in the pot, based on what other people, my bosses, were deciding on what to buy and what to do with the company.

In the end, it was whatever was left. And that was very frustrating to me because I thought if I work harder, then I’ll earn more at the end of the year. It didn’t happen that way. I decided that it was my boss’s fault, I actually left and I started my first company. I was an independent contractor in pathology for about eight months, and it failed.

The reason why it failed, or the reason why I was telling myself it failed, was because of the insurance companies and the billing companies. I basically didn’t get paid for six months. In medicine, usually there’s like maybe a 90 day lag because of insurance companies, but six months is, it’s a lot.

The billing companies weren’t my billing companies. They wouldn’t negotiate or talk with me about what the problems were. Eventually, I just literally ran out of money and asked for another job. I started my, a new employment position. I was very grateful for that employment position.

But then, about two months after I started my new job, I got 100, 000. In back pay at that time, I wasn’t blaming my boss. I was blaming the billing company. What I realized since I started working with you is that it’s your own responsibility to create that value and that money. For yourself, either by investing or by having a side gig or by growing your core, medical business or whatever business you’re in.

That was really something that I learned and grew into when we were working together. The first time that I worked with you, I, within the first hour of working with you, I had already I found 400 and it was because she was doing a free webinar and she was talking about how you need to find your money leaks.

She was explaining that it’s not necessarily that you have to scrimp on the things you love. It’s about finding the things that you don’t care about that you’re spending money on. I realized that I was paying 400 on one of my cars and I didn’t even have that car anymore. I quickly. Got that money back.

I was totally amazed that it was that easy just to find those things. Then I just continued to listen to you fall more and more in love with. You and your personality and your vision for what you’re building and you guys I ended up Investing so much money with this woman because of the value that she gave me I mean, I think at one point when we were working one on one I was spending like two grand a month with you and it was all totally worth it and I’m sure that she charges more now because she’s It’s just growing and growing, but I just wanted to say that because I wanted everybody to understand and realize really how much value you’ve brought into my life and I’m sure that there are so many other people out there who feel the same way.

Thank you. You’re going to make your first guest cry. I do want to share with the listeners, the 20, 000 take home was from all of the work that you’ve done with me, but I’m going to save it to the end because I want to learn more about you and I want to talk about what your journey has been and what you are up to now.

Gratitude and Collaboration: A Heartfelt Conversation

Can I just say something real quickly before you do, I think it’s important to. No, that I don’t work with everybody that wants to work with me one on one. Actually, I’ll tell you what I loved about you. You have such a beautiful heart. That’s the thing. I’m like getting goosebumps right now. When someone has the kind of heart that you do to not help them.

It didn’t even take a lot of steps. It’s finding the key few areas and helping unlock those areas. It’s figuring out. It’s like just a diagnostic part of figuring out, okay, where are the things like for, and it’s different for different people. For some people, it’s boundaries or for people pleasing or like thoughts that we’ve gotten from our family and all this other stuff that can actually affect our income, our money, right?

It affects our spending, affects our investment, affects our salary, our income. We just identifying those and changing that it can cause such a big change. Yeah. For you, it wasn’t even, you’re such an amazing person that to not work with you and to not, and look at the society you have and all the humans you get to help because you can now serve them with the freedom of heart, because.

You’re like, get your money stuff is fine. Like it’s a domino effect. It would be wrong to not partner with you in that way, if that makes sense. Of course I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere. If there’s anywhere I can support your journey, but I just love what you’re doing for people that need the help.

The women in professional societies. That, like their doctors, their healthcare professionals, whatever. They just need a place for support, for growth, for coaching. You keep growing yourself. Like you learn from everywhere. You have no problem. At some point I was like, okay, no more learning for you.

Like you have more problems learning because you’re creating your own recipe. That’s what you now get to bring to the world. It’s, it was an ease, my own pleasure and honor to be even a small part of that journey. Thank you. Oh the feeling is mutual. The reason why I brought you on is because I want to hear this special secret information that you’re bringing out into the world very soon.

Unlocking Self-Belief: My Journey to Authoring ‘Done With Broke

Tell us what’s going on. I’m excited about this book and it’s coming out into the world May 2nd, which is Depending on where this goes live. This is in a couple of days from when we’re recording and I’m really excited about it. I’m excited about it because number one, most times when I do things, there are two reasons.

A lot of the reasons why we do things and we measure what we do is based on what the world has defined as success and all that. I always like to have an internal goal for myself that I celebrate regardless of what the world thinks because my opinion matters. For me, the fact that this book is coming into the world is literally a once and for all.

Canceling out the noise and the story that I told myself a long time ago that I was bad with writing for the longest time I’ve told myself I’m not a good writer I have so many memories of sitting down in the bathroom crying in college about this right now though I could have had someone write the book like a ghost writer It’s a thing people can write the book, but I chose to go through the Workshop and working with a publishing company and the editors and all of that Because I want to be done.

I want an evidence, right? Sometimes we change our thoughts and when you’re having difficulty changing your thoughts about the same thing, sometimes we just got to change the freaking circumstance. For me I had to produce that book so I can have a physical evidence of the fact that never again Am I gonna believe the crap that i’m not good at writing?

That’s one reason So for me the book is already a success because it’s made in the world one number two is I love the company that I used scribe highly recommended they do a great work of almost like a It’s a combined new publishing and they’re walking you through the journey of publishing. It’s I don’t know, it’s a combo type stuff in terms of like publishing, self publishing versus traditional publishing.

I had a story in my head that I was bad with naming things. I’m like, I’m not creative with naming. That’s other people’s strengths, not me, right? Then the book, this book, they had a different title for this book. It was a good title about, once you go through the stages of book writing, You go through the process, they lock it up, that means you can’t go back, they move to the next step, they do it, they lock it up and all that.

That’s how they move through the process and decrease indecision and all that stuff. For me, after they told us about the name of the book, it was great, we moved past that stage and we’re getting closer to publishing and I could not get over the unsettling feeling that I had that my book had the wrong name.

I reached out to them and I said, I’m sorry, I know we’ve passed the stage, but I don’t like the name of this book. I don’t think that’s what the book is meant to be called. They were like it’s normal to have cold feet at this time, blah, blah. I was like, you know what? Could it be cold feet? No, actually it’s not. I did consider that as a potential, but I said, no, it’s not cold feet. I really do think this book has a different name. I was on a flight from a conference that I was at. I came up with a bunch of names that I felt like this book wanted to be called, listen to the fact.

I share this because your audience are going to have stories. They told themselves about what the thing they can or cannot do. I call the book done with broke a woman physicians guide to more money and less hustle. I was like, okay, that’s the name of the book. It feels good. It feels right. It feels like what it’s meant to be called.

I sent the name to two of my friends and both of them didn’t like it. They both did not like it. At that point I had to decide for myself, recovering people, pleaser, why do their opinions matter more than my opinion? I decided, and these are people that love me and I love them forever. I decided at that point that I’m willing to trust myself, go all into what I believe this book is meant to be called.

Even all I did was sell five copies where most of them is me, my siblings, my kids that I give money to buy the books. I would call it a win because I went fully into myself. That’s what I did. Interestingly enough, my friends reached out later on and one of them was like, the name of the book is growing on me eventually.

It’s what the book is going to be called. It’s done with Brooke. I’m really excited about the content of the book as well. In my journey of making sure that this is a book that I wanted to release into the world, I’ve had a very few number of people read it. One of them messaged me, and at that point she was on page 40, and she said, I am on page 40 of your book.

Empowering Women Physicians to Redefine Their Financial Future

This is the first time that I’ve read a financial book that I feel like finally gets me. A lot of financial books are not written with women in mind. They’re not written with women physicians. The challenges we’ve had and the stories we’ve had and all that stuff. Now this is finally a book that speaks to the truth that exists in our life and how we can go from that to creating a different food future for ourselves.

I’m really excited about the content and the humans that it’s going to bless. I know for sure that you’ll at least sell six books because I’m buying one. Thank you. Okay. All right. Good. Hallelujah. Thank you. I think my mother would buy one, but now I’ve got seven under. No, it’s going to do such amazing work in the world.

I’m really excited to release it. The content is great. It talks about our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with money, which in my opinion is a backbone of money. It talks about how to change how we think about money from a lot of women of financial education talks a lot about spending and there’s a lot of lies out there or untruths that the way to have money is by stopping spending.

The way to build wealth is not by stopping spending. The way to build wealth is by spending on assets. The reason why that’s important is we’ve been taught that spending is bad to the point where now when it’s time to spend on things that increase our ownership and wealth building, a lot of women are stopping because spending is bad, being able to separate themselves from that money is hard.

What we have to do is work with where we are. Do some simple shifts and some of those shifts is if you love spending great come spend All we need to do is now help you train how to see things that are assets And ownership so that you actually are spending on assets and not spending on liability.

We need to Go away from trying to help you stop the bad habit of spending, which is where a lot of financial education starts with women. But now what I’m saying is if you like spending, no problem. Let’s just train your eyes and your mind to love assets. Now you become a shopper. of assets and your net worth is going to grow from that.

I can remember I was catastrophizing and you were asking me, what is the worst possible thing that could happen? I remember I told you I could lose my house and you said, and then you would buy another one that would be an asset. It was one of those transformational shifts for me. I would be able to buy another house and it might be more of an asset than this house.

That was really very powerful for me. A lot of people may know that you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to real estate investing. I remember that was what we worked on was, okay what is going to be your first real estate investment? I decided to invest in my own home so that I could make it more of an asset.

We are almost ready to start short term rentals. I love it. That’s the thing about finances. It’s very personal, right? The key is not to ask, what is everybody else doing? But asking what works for your life. Like when we do the, when we learn, and that’s what I love about this book.

It’s timeless principles that change your mentality. Because when we change our mentality, Then we can paint anything right so when you learn what an asset is guess what happens you go home you now start to see how assets make sense in your own life Not in my life, but in your own life. You’re like, you know what my first asset is going to be my own like It’s going to be like, ADU, it’s going to be renting my own whatever out.

Crafting Your Unique Financial Path

My first asset is going to be me starting my own business because I’ve always wanted to start my business. My next asset is going to be building, like buying a commercial property where my practice is going to be. Maybe my spouse is going to have their own wellness center. They’re like, we get to build it in a way that makes sense for our lives.

That is. What is different with how we’re talking about money in the book and also with the way that I talk to women about It’s not about this one size fits all Because we all have we have different paths like we’re not all meant to be the same so if I can understand your path when I teach you the Mentality when I teach you like the principle the wisdom and now you get to now like it’s almost like putting on glasses You’re like, okay, this is where I’m supposed to go.

Now that I know that I can fly there, I get to fly there. That is so beautiful because people do things that I would never do. Like people do things that doesn’t even interest me in any shape or form But they’re building wealth and living their own free life on their terms in their own way And in my opinion, that’s what this is all about.

That’s so beautiful your relationship with money and how you use Money is at the baseline a very spiritual act I think that you really nail it on the head when you say that once you learn the basic step that I’m sure you’ll outline in your book, then it’s all about your own creativity and living the life you love.

That’s exactly what we talk about here at your version of success is how do you continue to grow and evolve and move towards your next goal, but at the same time, love and appreciate where you are and what your life is. I think that’s what you’re saying is that you just use money as that vehicle and actually once you start investing like that it becomes so much more fun because it’s so personal and it’s not like just reading a book about Investing and like you don’t have any connection to what they’re talking about Absolutely.

If I have people or clients that are interested in real estate, but they want to focus on building their own practice, and it’s just buy a bigger property and rent out some of this so that he can start to decrease your liabilities, there’s so many ways I have Someone in my program right now whose family member needs an assisted living facility and she was talking about the high cost of anywhere to live and I’m like, why don’t you learn how to build your own assisted living facility and your family gets to stay there and you build a business, right?

That was something that she had never considered before. I’m looking at this person who is amazing, mission driven, like a lot of you guys are. If this person does an assisted living facility, it’s going to be different from how most people do it. It’s going to be great. The principles, we now get to create our own recipes.

Like we can teach you the core, but then we now all get to create it for ourselves. But that only happens. If you’ve learned the tools because a lot of times we’re so closed out to the knowledge We’re so closed out because of our mindset that we’re not in a place to accept and open up to new thoughts or ideas We think we don’t have money.

Embracing the Unknown: Expanding Your Financial Horizons

We think we’re bad with money. We think whatever is bad We think money is the root of evil. We think investing is bad. We think real estate is bad, right? I think I hear that a lot from women We’ll say things like for real estate is changing our communities and all that. I’m like, then you are exactly who I want to own it.

You can do it differently. If you think that gentrification is happening, I want you to go out there and buy all the properties and rent it out at whatever way it’s still cash flowing. It’s not a liability to you, but you get to decide where you rent to. It doesn’t benefit anybody. When we stay out of the game, we’re just going to stand there and keep pointing fingers and it’s going to keep changing.

Or we can grab our tools, get in the court and understand that we are meant to be part of the change that we want to see in this world. I think that’s such a transformational perspective. Anything is possible. You just need to know how to move the pieces around. Once you realize that, then you get to do things that only you would be able to do for the world.

What kind of advice would you give someone who feels like they don’t even know what’s possible? Like they can’t even imagine that they would be able to do something like that. That’s why I shared my story because that was me and the only reason why I’m where I am today. I have achieved more in my life than I dreamt of, not in terms of material or anything like that only, but in terms of the space that I’m in, the freedom of mind that I have to be able to own a business, to be able to own real estate, to be able to be a physician that cares about my patients.

Practice with authenticity. I’ve lived more than I’d imagined that I would leave. Sometimes what feels the most scary are things that we’re not familiar with. Increasing your exposure by itself is a way to get better. So for example, if I want to do some crazy stuff with my finances, all my investment, then surrounding myself around people that are doing that is a great way to desensitize myself to my fear.

For example, if I’m hearing, I don’t have an eight figure net worth, but if I’m hearing people talk about eight figure net worth all day, net worth all day, it’s just become the natural progression of life. It’s like when you grew up in a family where everybody’s a teacher, everybody’s you’re like, I’m going to be the next teacher or the family of farmers.

I’m going to be the next farmer because there’s just that, it’s like a natural flow that starts to happen, but it starts with desensitizing yourself, being kind to yourself. Increasingly opening up to the potential of possibility and before you know it, it’s going to feel more possible and more possible, but it’s so important to surround yourself with people that are doing that thing that feels scary to you.

That’s why things like what you’re doing in your society is important, right? Because when you’re like i’m afraid of starting a business and you’re surrounded by people that are like doing business It’s like girl you got this you’re like, okay I’m gonna borrow their ability this that I got this they must be seeing something i’m not saying and before you know it You’re going to start to transform into the people you surround yourself for good or for bad really.

Absolutely. I see that in, in my society and I see that in, in your membership as well. If you get on a zoom call and 20 other people are in the middle of, investing in real estate and all different things. Then all of a sudden you feel like. Oh that must be normal. You see someone on Facebook or on the internet and they’re talking about how they have their eight figure business because they sell scarves or whatever it is.

The first time you hear it, you’re like, that’s a scam. Then the second time you hear it, you’re like, that’s not possible. Then sooner or later, you’re like. If she could do it, like, why can I do it? I agree with you. Honestly, that’s why I actually don’t even offer private coaching right now.

Cause I really do believe in the power of the community and the power of the village. I hear women physicians tell me this, that, we love your coaching. We love the education. We love the network. It’s also just being inspired by the other people, learning from the other people, sharing information.

That is something that if you, and there’s benefits to one on one, I am, I have one on one and group that I am in as well, there’s benefits to both, but that is why I offer the group because there’s so much wealth in the room. Also part of the issue with money is. A lot of women, we don’t talk about money when people are having private one on ones, it means that they get to hide.

Part of this is I want us to normalize talking about money because that’s how we know that when we’re underpaid, right? That’s how we know to negotiate. That’s why we know to make sure that we’re advocating for ourselves. And we’ll be in the CEO of our finances. That even when we hire accountants or financial advisors or whatever, we know that they are part of our team, but we’re still the CEO of that team.

But that only happens when you get comfortable talking about it. Yes, you talk to me during one on ones, but when you’re talking in a room of women that love you, it builds your tolerance. You get out there and you can negotiate better when you’re at the table at work as a CEO, as a board of director, as a program director.

Unlocking Possibilities: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Growth

As a chair of a department, you get to talk money. In our community, we have all these amazing women physicians. What I’ve noticed, the more comfortable they are with talking about money, it actually increases their ability to be promoted at work. When men are talking about real estate, they don’t back their way out of the room.

They stay in the room and they talk about their real estate investment too. This is why we need to talk about it. That’s why I offer group coaching through my money program. Absolutely. I also prefer group coaching because hearing one more story and resonating with that either in a positive or negative way just helps to normalize your success.

Yep. I’m with you. A hundred percent. The last thing that I wanted to ask you was what if someone feels like they might be able to do something like that, they might be able to grow their wealth in different ways that they hadn’t thought of before, but they feel like they, there are things in their lives that are stopping them from being able to do that, like their nine to five job.

Or for us, usually it’s like their seven to seven job or the fact that they have small children or whatever the reason is that seems to be holding them back from really being able to dedicate any energy or time or money into anything else. I think the key is to be kind to yourself, but also make sure that you’re not using the excuse of realistic to hide a limiting belief you have.

There is no one way to do it, but asking yourself, what can I do now is a question. What can I do now? There’s something you can do now. Nothing is usually not an option. The challenge that people have is that people are afraid of finding what to trust to help guide them through their process.

That is one thing that I’ve been intentional in our program. That’s why I bring guests that I’ve vetted. They’re human, so you cannot a hundred, I cannot a hundred percent. that myself even right so to the extent that any human can because that’s usually the bottleneck for women is I don’t know who I can trust at all right so which I try to bridge that by bringing people into the program that are investing in stuff but there is always somewhere we can start it may not be where you want to go but you can at least start somewhere.

I started small. People think that you invest because you have money. You have money because you invest. If you don’t start, then you’re not going to have, and if you think you don’t have time, part of the reason that’s going to help you buy your time is money. So if you don’t figure out a time to start investing and doing all those things At a capacity that is well and kind to yourself Then it’s going to make it even take longer for you to be able to buy your time In order to have the freedom so you can see that it becomes a catch 22 If you don’t just start from somewhere like start from where you are like with money fit md I was working pretty much full time I was working pretty much full time until literally a month ago when I said I wanted to take a sabbatical and quit.

How did I do that? I had to be better with the time that I had and realizing that everybody in this world gets 24 hours. I know that many of them have expanded capacity than I do. I know that I’m smart, just like you and your audience. There has to be something that I’m not doing with my time.

That may mean doing a time audit of where is your time actually going? Everybody says they’re busy, but when we think about how much time your phone says you spent on your phone, on Facebook, on Netflix and all that stuff. If you spent a quarter of that time doing the thing that you said you don’t have time for you will have time for the thing You said you don’t have time for so that is what I would say the time audit is important Starting where you can start There’s always some what you can start And for me when I again when I started money fit md there were times when I literally Recorded my podcast at night and I blocked out my time.

Cause I’m like, I want to hang out with my kids. I’m like, I can only take this many number of one on one clients because I’m busy and I don’t want to miss lunch with my husband. On weekends, I can only do something for one hour when my kids are playing piano. We need to get rid of that all or nothing mentality that is actually preventing us from giving our future selves the gift of freedom that we deserve.

Amen sister. It’s so interesting when you really decide that you want to do something. You really decide that you want to invest. All of a sudden the money, the money and the time, those are all really, when it comes down to it, human constructs. You want to wait to have your baby your first baby until it’s time and then you finally find the perfect time or you Accidentally have a baby and you realize it’s never a good time But it happens anyway, and we figure it out and the same thing with money I remember when we first started talking about buying into a syndication and me thinking I couldn’t possibly come up with 10 or 20 or 50 grand Now it’s I need to find a hundred grand somewhere.

Where am I going to find it from? All of a sudden you get super creative. That money appears somehow because you created it. It’s just like, how much do you believe that you can really do that? That you will be safe no matter what. And I think people underestimate the importance of desire. Our brains are amazing.

Like when we truly want something. We find ways to get it. When you really want that syndication, subconsciously, you’re shopping less. You just, they’re no longer as attractive to you because you have one focus only. You’re like, I’m just getting the cash. Subconsciously, someone says there’s an extra shift at work, even though you don’t want to work extra shifts on a normal day, you’re like, you know what, this gets me closer to my syndication yet, sign me up.

You’re burnt out less because you’re determined, right? You have a reason. For doing that thing. The reason why I say that is it’s not like it’s magically going to appear, but there are subconscious of the things that we move around. Without even knowing it that goes to help us create what we want to create, but it starts with that desire and if you desire it and do the thing that you may have thought was hard to do, you’ll be impressed.

Taking Control: How to Shape Your Financial Future

The other thing I tell people is this, if you’re making a clinical income and you’re like, I don’t have money, you don’t have money because you’re spending on the wrong things. The key that is to learn by investing, by education, you could. Read online, you can read my book, you can sign up for a program, but learn how to spend differently.

Suddenly you’re going to think that you got like a hyper infusion of cash because you’re like, Whoa, now I have money. Because we just redirected your spending and helped retrain you to not try to fight yourself, but instead use your normal inclination and just help you redirect it in a way that serves your greater self and your future self.

It’s true, like your desire for something increases, but then there gets to a point, a shift where instead of saying you want something, it’s I am going to have that. The determination that it is going to happen. That’s super important. No matter what my circumstances, I am going to make this happen.

We got the determination. I think we just get tired. Sometimes, but the same thing that’s helped us be successful. It can 100 percent help us be successful again. We’re examples for ourselves of what’s possible. Now we just got to look at that and execute and know that we’ve got this. Really? That is so beautiful.

To finish up, I just wanted to, I promised everybody that I would tell you the 20, 000 take home point. I was thinking about it, journaling on my experiences with you, and I feel like the take home point for me was that you really are responsible. for what you need and desire, comes full circle to my story that I was telling about how I thought that my boss was responsible for my money.

I thought that the different industries, companies were responsible for my money. In the end, it’s really me. I know. We definitely had a big shift in our relationship when I started to ask you exactly what I wanted and what I needed and get answers from you that I knew that you could help me with.

I remember you stopped me one day and you were like, yeah, you’re pretty much done with this one on one thing because you just totally rocking it now. That’s my advice to everybody listening is if you. Decide that you join a course or you read a book or whatever it is that you do, remember that it’s your responsibility to be proactive, to bring your energy into that thing and to actually accomplish it and get what you want out of it instead of just sitting passively and listening and letting it wash over you and you just miss so much out of life when you do that.

I love it. You’re an active participant. You’re not an observer in your own life. Nobody else is going to be able to ask the right questions except you. Listen, I think I do like women that are bossy. You are bossy and I love it. You’re like, I am the CEO of my finances. There’s something beautiful. I just love it so much when that table turns.

Yes. I want you to see. That’s the thing. I think that my job and my goal is to help them see the CEO ness and refine that CEO ness that exists in their lives so that whatever they want to partner with, whether that’s a partner. An accountant, an advisor, a coach, they see themselves in their power.

What we need in this world is women and humans seeing their power, not thinking I’m the powerful one. We’re both powerful and you just, I just happened to be the one doing the refining. But once you’re shining and you can see your gold, I’m like, I just stepped the heck off and like just shine away, baby.

There’s one phrase that you always say that I sometimes borrow and I love it so much is if you don’t believe in yourself right now, if you don’t believe you can do it, then go ahead and borrow my belief in you. I think that the other part to that is so many times we look to the people around us and the surroundings around us to validate something that we don’t.

quite believe in ourselves or we’re afraid to believe in ourselves. That power is there. Yes, of course, like you can come to either of us and we will always be like everybody’s biggest fan. But in the end, you have to take that over and really believe in it in yourself. I think that’s just so powerful.

Oh, thank you so much for coming on. I’m so excited to have you as my first guest. I want everybody to know how to read more about you, learn more about you, get your book. Why don’t you tell us where we can find you and more about how to get your book. Absolutely. Starting May 2nd, you will be able to buy this on Amazon.

Go to Amazon and find Dawn With Broke, A Woman Physician’s Guide to More Money and Less Hustle. I’ve had three non physicians read it. Two of them are my assistants and one was my audiobook coach. One assistant loved it. She finished it within two days and said she was going to read it a second time with her husband.

Coach read the whole book before she even messaged me and said she was halfway through my worksheet with her husband. I just say that to say that if you’re listening and you’re not a woman physician, a lot of the examples are women physicians, but you can take that and replicate the stories and the plans and the execution in your own life.

I say that because I have lots of loves that are not women physicians. I want to make sure that they know that’s an option for them. You can also go on my website, which is moneyfeedmd. com. We have an event that is planned around this book because it deserves to be celebrated. And that is coming up May 1st to make fit.

There’s going to be teaching because I want you to have a life of freedom. I’m going to be teaching the recipe that regardless of where you are in your financial journey, that is the recipe for true, not fake. True financial freedom, which I call liberation. I’m also going to have some women physicians that are going to be sharing their stories about their own journey to financial freedom as well.

There’s going to be that there’s going to be teaching. There’s going to be some giveaway. My birthday is that same week. You bet your bum I’m having a big party. This is literally me doing the things that give me joy, which is sharing, giving, teaching. I get to do that with women physicians.

Check that out on my website as well. Moneyfeedmd. com forward slash book event. That sounds amazing. It’s your birthday week. I’m so excited to invite the birth of your book into the world. People can get the Kindle, start to read that, and the audio book is going to be great. I recorded it myself, which was a torture for two days, but I’m glad I did.

Thank you for inviting me as your first guest. It’s a pleasure knowing you. It’s a pleasure being a small part of your journey. Absolutely. Thanks for joining me today as you create your version of success. If you like what you’re hearing, make sure to subscribe, tell a friend and leave me a five star rating.

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