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Cut the shit. Manage your mind to
create your own version of success.


You've worked so hard to shine, and now you've finally made it. You  have your profession, job and the life.  But do you feel like this version of success doesn't feel exactly right?

Often, life's pretty good...but sometimes you feel distracted... or worse: disappointed, overwhelmed, underappreciated.

And now you see there are all these important things that somehow you missed and wish you understood.  Like how to manage and grow your finances, what diet works for you, or how to stop feeling so damn behind.

Or honestly, how to just feel... like you've got this.

As a triple board certified physician leader, personal trainer, business owner and mom of twins, I've felt the disappointment of realizing that the work alone didn't get me to where I thought I would be. It was learning how to manage my mind that catapulted my success. 

And it will for you, too.  Let me show you how.

Hey!  I'm Dr. Johanna B. Moore
Founder and Lead Success Strategist at She is Money

This podcast is about finding, clarifying and learning to live your own version of success.

Dream big about what could be and start a plan to make it happen.

We talk neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy to help you create the type of success that feels just right - on your terms.

Your Version of Success Podcast

Invest in your success

The So Money Society, is the community of professional women you need to gain friends for life as we create the lives we deserve.  Together we clarify and move towards our dreams, support each other as we expand beyond our comfort zones and limiting beliefs, and learn the best ways to stay healthy, build our wealth and connect with our tribe. 

Support and be supported by other driven women just like you.

The So Money Method is a three-phase process that aims to maximize peak performance in mental acuity, physical prowess, and emotional intelligence. My course leads you through the science, the tools and the playbook as we work together to put knowledge into action so you can start living the life of your dreams. So looking forward to working with you this Spring.

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3.  Feel damn proud of yourself for being in control of it all.

2. Learn how to use your mind to empower instead of sabotage your dreams.

1. Clarify your version of success: financially, physically, mentally, emotionally.

The only thing stopping you from getting everything you want is you.  Let's strategize how to stop that shit and get where we want to be.

Explore your potential

Shop for You

Part of finding your own success is choosing what to spend your money on with intentionality.  These are some of my favorite little luxuries that I'd like to share with you. 

Breathe to Succeed

The easiest way to find instant stability in you and manage your emotional state is with breathing.  Here are my favorite techniques to help you calm your shit down or crank it up to best focus on the ball.

Take Control
of Your Income

Stop telling yourself you don't know how to make more money. Start here with some ideas.

The Spotlight is the place where we focus on brilliant women who are doing things to make the world more loving, joyful and dazzling. They are using their ambition to share what they believe success means.

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