Success Strategies and Support for Professional Women

she is money 

Learn proven strategy to grow even more, from intelligent, high achieving, ambitious women just like you.

Cut the Shit.
You don't need someone to give you money.  You are money.
Be present and passionate in a life where this is true.


Together, we maximize wealth, health and happiness.

The So Money Method
The foundation for living the life of your dreams

3.  Practice that life.  The one that feels just right.  On your terms.

2. Clarify your version of success: financially, physically, mentally, emotionally.

1. Learn to Believe in you, your dream, and your agency to accomplish it

You've worked so hard and done all the things, and now you've finally made it.  You're successful. You  have your big girl job.  You're a professional, with the home, the family, the life.  So why doesn't it feel like success?

Don't get me wrong, life's pretty good...but often you feel distracted, and not present to enjoy it. You have less money, time and energy then you expected, and this life seems more like a big responsibility instead of a dream.

So you're exhausted and overwhelmed.  And then you feel like a dick because you have exactly what you thought you wanted, but it feels like an itchy sweater in a hot room.

After all this, why does the life of your dreams feel like it's just not right?  What the heck is missing? Did you do something wrong?  Which class did you miss? 

It was the class on how to master your own mind.  

As a physician scientist and your success coach, my job is to show you the evidence.  The facts.  And the difference between the science and the story that you're living. And it all has to do with the drama in your mind.

Do you want to live a version of success that actually feels like success, instead of a hot mess you're just trying to hold together?  A life that is authentically fulfilling and that you feel passionate about?

Let me show you how.

Ready to ditch disappointment and start living a fulfilling life that you feel passionate about?

How to work with me

The So Money Society is the place where ambitious women create fulfilling lives that they are passionate about.  Together we clarify and accomplish our goals, support each other as we expand beyond our comfort zones and limiting beliefs, and learn the best ways to stay healthy, build our wealth and grow our happiness. 

Support and be supported by other driven women just like you.

The So Money Method is a three-phase process that aims to maximize peak performance in mental acuity, physical prowess, and emotional intelligence. My course leads you through the science, the tools and the playbook as we work together to put knowledge into action so you can start living the life of your dreams. So looking forward to working with you this Spring.

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