Success Strategies and Support for Professional Women

she is money 

Success Strategies and Support for Professional Women

She is Money

Find the support and the strategy you need to ditch distraction, overwhelm and disappointment and to focus on becoming the woman of your dreams.

Cut the shit.
Create the life you dream of. 

You've worked so hard to shine, and now you've made it.  You  have your profession, job and the life. 

But this version of success... well.  It could be MORE. It doesn't feel exactly like what you dreamed it would be like. Often, it's pretty good... but sometimes you feel distracted... or worse disappointed, overwhelmed, and underappreciated.

As a triple board certified physician, regional medical director, business owner and mom, I have learned how to clarify and move effectively towards my goals, and it is my mission to eradicate complacency and overwhelm in ambitious women, so they can create the lives they dream of and become the women the world deserves, on and off the clock.

I'm the founder of She is Money.

I’m Dr. Johanna B. Moore.

3.  Learn new strategy and grow as you optimize daily performance

2. Devise a plan on how to get there

1. Clarify your own personal version of success

How can we support you?

The So Money Society, is the community of professional women you need to gain friends for life as we create the lives we deserve.  Together we clarify and move towards our dreams, support each other as we expand beyond our comfort zones and limiting beliefs, and learn from experts to stay healthy, build our wealth and connect with our tribe. The Society opens for enrollment September 1.

Support and be supported by other driven women just like you.

The So Money Method is a three-phase process that aims to maximize peak performance in mental acuity, physical prowess, and emotional intelligence. My course leads you through the science, the tools and the playbook as we work together to put knowledge into action so you can start living the life of your dreams. So looking forward to working with you this Spring.

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Master your Money

Truly wealthy women don't play the lottery, and they don't work hard for their money.  
Their money works for them.
Move away from trading your time for Money.
Here are five ways to get started.

Build that Bod

I know, you’ve got a ton on your plate. You think you don't have time, but this post talks about the most important fundamental to know about keeping your body limber and pain free.

Take Control
of Your Time

Ditch overwhelm and feel satisfied with what you accomplished today with the To Do List Success Kit.

Here are three ways to immediately ditch overwhelm to become unstoppable that you can use every day.

Become a force to reckon with