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Where ambitious women love life and make more money through optimized businesses

The So Money Society is the Only Membership Mastermind for women entrepreneurs who actually have fun making more money, without wasting any more time.

You are a Badass, so Cut the Shit.
Stop trying to make sense of why you aren't loving life while bringing in the bacon, and do something about it.


We do this by creating profitable businesses and investment portfolios that make money FOR us.

The So Money Society
The Place Where Successful Women Actually Have Fun Figuring out Money, Business and Life

3.  Get the tools to live, practice and upgrade the life you're meant to be experiencing

2. Realize that you do actually have good choices and clarify what to choose

1. Stop feeling like you're alone holding the whole world up and find the support you need

I know you're a badass. You've done all the things, and now you've finally made it. You've got the home, the family, the life... everything you reached for.

I also know you have less money, time and energy then you expected, and life seems more like you chasing your tail feather instead of a dream come true.

What happened to that badass who achieved it all?
After all this, why are you stuck in a rut that you can't get out of?

It’s because you are only leveraging your own knowledge, energy and time, instead of your creativity applied to a business with continually improving systems, support and knowledge of the rules of the game.

Which is why you must join the So Money Society.

My coaching style is unlike any other you’ve experienced, and I am so excited to share it with you in the Society. Not only do I geek out on all things business and money. I also have years of experience working with ambitious women on how to cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important to them so that they can regain their badassness, instead of wasting all their resources on distractions that don’t effectively support the lives they love.

Do you want to live a version of success that actually feels like success, instead of a hot mess you're just trying to hold together?

One where you aren't worried thinking about money, your job, or what you're missing out on, because you are completely clear about what you want in life, and are in charge of where you and your money is coming from and going towards.

Where you set the next goal and actually achieve it without feeling like you're selling your soul because you have a framework and the support that works every time.

A life that is authentically fulfilling and that you feel passionate about, because you planned it out with what you love in mind.

Let me show you how.

Are you ready to accept the fact that you can create a life full of passion, fulfillment and peace of mind?

How to work with me

The So Money Society is the place where women interested in entrepreneurship create fulfilling lives that they are passionate about so they can actually get what they want . Together we clarify and accomplish our money, biz and life goals, support each other as we expand beyond our limiting beliefs, and learn the best strategy to have fun and allow the lives of our dreams to evolve. 

Support and be supported by other driven women just like you.

The So Money Method is a three-phase process that aims to maximize peak performance in mental acuity, physical prowess, and emotional intelligence. My course leads you through the science, the tools and the playbook as we work together to put knowledge into action so you can start living the life of your dreams. So looking forward to working with you this Spring.

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This podcast is about separating the science from your story so that you can create your own version of success.

Think of it as coffee with your wicked smart doc bestie.

We talk about how to leverage our minds to create the lifestyle we choose, using both cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Your Version of Success Podcast