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I remember when I thought I'd made it. I was sitting at the pool the weekend after I started my first real job. The water sparkled beyond my French tip painted toes.  I'd been through med school, residency and three sought after fellowships.  I was triple board certified, and finally had a starting salary to match.  

I was feeling pretty proud of myself. But that feeling of fulfillment lasted just about as long as my painted toenails started to chip. I started to feel like that version of success... sort of... sucked.

So I had a mid life crisis.  But not the kind where you buy a Porsche. I became obsessed with finding out what it means to truly be and feel successful and how to maximize my performance to get there.  I realized a need for physical, emotional and financial security so that I could be free to do what I desire for myself and those I love. To actually feel happy, and fulfilled. On my terms.

Now I teach other ambitious professional women how to do the same.  Here, we cover topics that really matter but that we may have missed while slogging through our careers, like maintaining health and fitness, optimizing the power of your brain, wealth planning and building, nurturing true and fulfilling connections, getting what we deserve at home and at work, nurturing our time and our energy, and ditching overwhelm and disappointment.  What would it feel like to join a society of women who want to learn and grow as much as you do?


Imagine what it would feel like to learn and grow towards the best version of yourself.  The best professional for your team, clients, or patients.  The best mom, the best partner. The best friend.

The So Money Method guides you to clarify what your dream life could be,  provides a framework on how to make it a reality, and equips you with new strategy that aims to maximize peak performance mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. 

The Society Includes: 
• So Money Signature foundational courses before they are released to the public, as masterclasses
• Four 1 hour meetings per month for education, strategy implementation, group coaching and goal setting accountability 
• A roster of ambitious women for support and connection to grow with, badass besties for life

What you find here

– Rebecca M. | Ambitious Physician

"With Johanna’s support and guidance, I found the courage to accept an opportunity that changed the trajectory of my life. Because of my choice I paid off all my debt and have learned so much about teaching and myself in just the first four months.”

I loved (She is Money’s) post on reviewing the past year. Truthfully, it was a completely new idea to me and completely brilliant!

– Natalie | Ambitious Teacher

Mean people. Trading time for money.  Overwhelm.  Disappointment. Ugh.


Love, joy, growth, creation, giving. Honesty, integrity and deep, lasting connection. Nurturing my health, my wealth and my tribe.  Friends.  Tiramisu. 


My first client was a young physician with two toddlers at home, who was waking at 3 am to finish work that was due before the workday began. Still breastfeeding while working hard to prove that she was partner material amongst an all-male leadership team, she felt the weight of overwhelm on her chest, worrying that she wouldn’t be able to hold up all the responsibility she was so carefully balancing. And then she felt guilty about her overwhelm because she knew she should be grateful for her career and personal success. 

The other partners painted a picture of great wealth and success for her, until one day, her direct boss decided to take over her management position for his own gain, shortly after he told her that she "would never have to worry about money again."

She was suddenly out $30,000 annually.  She felt completely unsupported, betrayed by her direct supervisor, and most of all, she felt intense, overwhelming fear. One night, on the drive home, her fear turned into anger and determination. She wasn’t a victim! She was an intelligent, kind, and capable physician! “ENOUGH!” she finally said to herself. She was exhausted, overworked, and at the end of her rope. But she knew there must be a better way. 

That’s when we started working together. She had a lot of studying and work to do on her end, but she'd done that before in medical school. And I was able to teach her a framework to find the stability she needed from herself, to confidently step outside her comfort zone to make the courageous moves she needed to establish herself in her own version of success.

Within one year, she was outperforming her prior work without spinning her wheels, and felt the respect and appreciation she thought she lacked, but by those who really count. She left her position and built her own companies, services, and clients, and manifested her own substantial amount of money, more than compensating for her lost $30,000. The more she believed in herself, understood what her dream life should be, and made strategic choices towards her own version of success, the more happy and fulfilled she became.

This is where She is Money was born, although at that time I didn’t know it.  

And that client? Well, if you hadn’t guessed it yet, she was me.  

I know you. You’re ambitious and you’re determined to shine. But like me, you must want it so badly that you are willing to put in the study and the work. Are you ready for this? I'd love to have you.

Founder of She is Money  

Dr. Johanna B. Moore.

From the moment my twins Max and Mia were born, they were two distinct parts of me. Max came out crying “why are you doing this to me??” Mia came next screaming “I’m gonna take every last one of you down!!!!” And ever since then, watching their personalities grow and evolve has been a living miracle to experience. They have become the forefront of my life’s inspiration, as I strive to keep them alive and help them become the best humans that they can be.

When Max and Mia were learning how to talk, Max started calling Mia “Money.” The name stuck, and because my children are the inspiration for my passion to empower ambitious women to become their best selves, I wanted to incorporate them into the name. She is Money is the embodiment of the person that every ambitious woman believes she could be, and my intention is to reveal to you that you already are her, and to help you believe it and thrive. Imaging what you could do for yourself, your children, your family, and your community if you were the best version of yourself.  Join us and see.

Who is Money?

Invest in your success

The So Money Society, is the community of professional women you need to gain friends for life as we create the lives we deserve.  Together we clarify and move towards our dreams, support each other as we expand beyond our comfort zones and limiting beliefs, and learn the best ways to stay healthy, build our wealth and connect with our tribe. 

Support and be supported by other driven women just like you.

The So Money Method is a three-phase process that aims to maximize peak performance in mental acuity, physical prowess, and emotional intelligence. My course leads you through the science, the tools and the playbook as we work together to put knowledge into action so you can start living the life of your dreams. So looking forward to working with you this Spring.

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