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Episode 9: The Power of Binge-Watching Webinars

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Today I want to talk all about binge watching, and I am not talking about Netflix, although I love binge watching Netflix as well. I want to talk about. Why you should binge watch webinars.

I love watching webinars on Instagram. Every time I see a webinar, somebody selling something through a webinar, I watch it. Sometimes I watch reruns of the same webinar multiple times. I wanted to share with you why someone would ever do that. I guarantee it’s not because I’m bored, it’s not because I feel like I need to buy more webinars, more courses, because let me tell you, I have bought so many courses in my journey that I do not need any more courses.

Which is actually something that I coach myself on all the time because I definitely get this shiny object urge every time. I don’t buy shoes anymore, I just buy horses. But let me tell you why. It is , very helpful to watch webinars.

Unlocking the Power of Webinars

There are three reasons why I think that it’s really important.

One is it helps you get to know the different influencers out there who are teaching great stuff. Most of them are coaches, a lot of them are business coaches, and you get the gist of. What they’re saying, what their specific vehicle is of how they make money or get, let lose weight or get more fit, or have better relationships.

It’s really a great way for you to get the brief synopsis of what they’re all about what they believe and how they feel. Feel is the best way to get a certain result. For instance, if you watch, a webinar by Russell Brunson, you know it’s going to be about funnels and that’s the way that he makes money.

His pet way to make money is by building funnels and then bringing in more clients that way, . Every time that he gives a webinar, whether it’s for one of his books or for one of his, whatever offer it is, he gives you a different framework for why ClickFunnels and why funnels are really important in order to bring in more money.

They’re all different perspectives and all different little, tidbits that. Are useful in your toolkit. It’s like an overall, they give you the overall picture of what you’re supposed to be doing or what works and what doesn’t. Then of course, all the details of how to actually do it happen when you buy their product.

That’s the first reason, is that you get to know what they’re saying, what they’re talking about, the content. Of what they’re talking about. You learn a lot just by doing that. That’s why webinars work so well, because you actually do get benefit out of them even if you don’t buy the course.

But they want, they cause you to want to buy.

The course so bad because , as humans, we just want to know everything possible. The other reason, the second reason why. I think it is so important to watch webinars is that you get to know the person. You get to know if they’re like, good people who jive with you or if like you just don’t, totally don’t feel them at all.

It gives you a chance to decide who you wanna watch more of who you want to learn from, and who you want to become. Mentor to your mentors your Dream 100 and who you decide you really probably don’t, I think it’s, the webinars are a really good way for you to get that first impression.

I know for me, there have been some people who have watched their webinars and I’m like, Nope, do not want to. Spend any more time or money with this person. Then there have been other people where I just totally fell in love with them and wanted to be their best friend.

Some of them surprised me. , for instance, I know when I first was introduced to Dean Graziosi through Tony Robbins, I was like, why is Tony Robbins hanging out? With this guy, he’s got like this car salesman feel to him like just a tinge. At first I was like, who is this guy? But then I watched one of his webinars and I was like, oh my gosh.

Transforming Perspectives and Unlocking Possibilities

He actually really cares so much about helping other people and making this world a better place. That just really changed. Changed my perspective on him and allowed me to be able to deal with that just edge of his cloud. That feels really salesy. Actually, I bought one of his courses and I follow him, I hope that someday I get to meet Dean Graziosi and even work with him.

I would love that. But it took me a little while to get there and the first step for. Me was watching one of his webinars. The third and most important reason why I think that you should watch webinars, that has really transformed my perspective, is that webinars allow you to see what is possible.

This is a big twist because most people, they go to a webinar and then they hear all about the success story. All the students that they had that are now millionaires and lost a hundred pounds and all,, the examples and testimonials that are given on webinars and of course that isn’t what a lot of their clients, the results that a lot of their clients get.

It’s the results of certain few who really rocked it and. I know that there I, there are people in my life who just, they take a course or they take a coaching session it just clicks for them. It’s super easy for them to follow instructions and they totally rock it out of the park. Like Bonnie Coup, for instance, my , wealthy mom, md, that woman she will take.

A course turn it around and be like the stellar student and rock the course up and down. I’ve seen her do this so many times. She did this with, , Amy Porterfield’s course. She took it and then she was like, one of the testimonials that Amy Porterfield talked about because she did so well with her course.

Then she took, , a membership course. Then she was like the star student of the membership course. There’s some people who are just like that. They’re just amazing and they end up being the people that get highlighted in the webinars. But the thing that’s so amazing is that Bonnie Koo is a normal woman just like you or me, she has her own fears and her hone doubts, and she.

Is amazing in her own right, but she’s not a superhero. She’s just a normal woman who follows instructions really well.

That’s why she is so amazing in so many ways. That’s one of the reasons why she’s so amazing. But what I want to tell you is that. Women like Bonnie Coup who are the testimonials in these webinars, they are examples for you of what’s possible.

How Webinars Shatter Limits and Ignite Potential

What is possible is out there. All of these webinars, whether they seem like they’re just a marketing tactic or not, are showing you what is possible in this world. The reason why I am thinking so much about this is because I just saw a webinar for a high ticket coach, high ticket course and , a high ticket product coach, I realized after I saw her webinar that I had been bitch binge.

Watching on these webinars, on these high ticket webinars. Of course I’m taking , a course right now on a high, how to sell your High Ticket course. More to be revealed later once that happens. , but what I realized is that after binge watching, half a dozen different high ticket, , courses and high ticket coaching, , vehicles, I really.

Realized that I didn’t think it was impossible anymore. I didn’t think that it was impossible to make a million dollars in a year, and these webinars showed me how people are doing it.

That is so important because. When you’re setting your goal or you’re setting an intention, or if you believe in, , manifestation, you’re, it’s calling out for your manifestation. I don’t believe in manifestations in that way myself. I believe that it’s your reticular activating system, but that’s a whole nother podcast in itself.

If you set that goal or that intention. You only visualize receiving the result at the end, like accomplishing your goal or getting the award or getting the money. Seeing the money in your bank account, it’s , really hard to actually achieve it because you actually don’t know how you’re going to do it.

Why the ‘How’ Matters and How Webinars Can Illuminate Your Path

I know. That Some coaches and some influencers say that it’s not really about the how. It’s about the why, but ultimately it is about the how. It’s about the details of the how. If you can’t visualize the steps that you’re going to take to try it may not necessarily work, but if you can’t visualize what those steps are, then how the heck are you?

You ever going to achieve that goal? How the heck are you ever going to achieve yourself visualizing, standing on a podium in front of thousands of people?

The way for you to come up with more ideas and to synthesize what your individual way of getting there , is by seeing what other people are doing and collecting that. Information then deciding for yourself what your path is and creating your unique way of doing it.

The way that you get all these ideas is by watching these webinars. That is why, the three reasons why I think that watching webinars is. Great. To review, the first reason is they actually do show you really great frameworks for how to accomplish what you want to accomplish. The second is you get to know the person so that you can make that decision of whether you want them to help you and you want to get to know them maybe someday.

Work with them with. The third reason why webinars are great and why I love watching them is because they show you what is possible in this world. Not only do they show you that it’s possible, but they show you how they did it. The next time you are scrolling on Instagram and you see an ad for a webinar, maybe my web.

Webinar. Go ahead sign up for it and check it out and see what they are saying because it might just give you that little ounce of strategy and mindset that you really need in order to move forward in what you’re doing yourself. That’s all I have to say today. If you liked this episode, make sure.

Sure that you like and follow my podcast and you share it with other people. Podcasts are, , evaluated and favored based on how many new people are coming in and following that podcast. If you like what you hear, then the best way to support me is by following me on this podcast, downloading it, and by sharing it with other people.

People who would get value out of it. That’s all I have to say. I hope you have an amazing day and I love you guys.

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