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Episode 1: What is your version of success?

Your Version of Success Podcast

Your Version of Success Episode 1: What is your version of success?

I know how it is. 

You spent your whole life working hard to get to where you’re at. You went to the right schools, got the degrees, got the job, but this version of success? It feels terrible. You’re still working hard, you can’t stop because you need the paycheck, you feel like Burnout stares you in the face on the daily. You can’t be the person you want to be for those you love most, because you’re exhausted. Tapped out. Well done. 

What you need is a plan to stop feeling like you have no time, no energy, no money, and start feeling like you have choices. A choice to work a different way, or less, or not at all, A choice to enjoy time with your family. A choice to spend money on something luxurious just for you. A choice to live a life that truly feels fulfilling and full of joy.  

Create your version of success. For you. For those you love. For the world. When you are fulfilled and happy you become your best self, and what the world needs is the best version of you.

Is this your story right now? It was my story for sure. I went to all the right schools, got all the right degrees, and became a physician. I trained at Harvard as a resident and a fellow, I got three boards and I finally got my first job. I was finally a private practice attending physician!  

I can remember sitting by the pool at the club, pretty early on, and thinking dang I’ve made it. This is success! I can remember the pool glimmering in the sunlight like tiny diamonds sparkling just beyond my freshly painted toenails. I was pretty dang proud of myself and pretty excited for the rest of my life to feel just like that.

Unfortunately, that feeling of fulfillment, accomplishment and joy lasted pretty much as long as it took for my fingernail polish to chip, and pretty soon I was wondering what the next accomplishment would be in order to feel successful again, until I finally realized, and keep reminding myself to this day, is that it’s not just about the next accomplishment and it’s definitely not about the money (although it sure feels like). It is about what the next milestone actually means to you and what you believe makes you happy, fulfilled, safe, joyful, loving, fearless. 

You don’t believe me yet? it’s okay, you will believe.  That you are successful because of what you have and what you’ve done is a concept so ingrained in our lives that it’s almost impossible to eradicate it. 

Did you hear what I just said? I said almost. 

This podcast is about opening your eyes to a new thought. A thought that you are perfect right now.  Exactly as you are.  You are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. Of course, I think you are, because you are here, listening to me. 

So if success isn’t about what you’ve got and what you’ve done, what is it? To me, success consists of two things

Fulfillment in the now no matter where you are, and no matter the circumstances. It’s your definition of what makes you feel safe, happy, joyful, loved. Even if things are going bad, you still are stable, in peace, ready to go to the next level, ready to make a decision that you need to make.

It’s also a passion for your vision of the future. It’s the excitement that you have something coming up. Something next that’s going to be amazing. That it’s going to help the world.

The funny thing is, all the money helps, the time helps, and the other resources are definitely helpful, but that’s not what makes you successful.

The coolest part is that after this podcast, you can already begin to feel successful today. 

All you have to do is figure out the thought you need to have to feel fulfillment right now. To feel safe, like you’ve got this, and you are going to be able to take care of things. When you have that, you can move on and start to clarify exactly what fulfillment and success means to you. In this space, we’re going to learn exactly what that means, how to clarify your success, and how to create it.

I am so honored and excited that you decided to join me today to listen to the first episode of your version of success. If this resonates with you, you follow me here so you know when the latest episode drops and you can download it and leave me a five star review if your heart thinks I deserve it. 

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