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Episode 4: Aligning Your Goals with Your Identity and Strategy…….

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And right now, I’m helping women get specific about that goal and the details on how to realize it. What I’ve learned about myself is that the reason why I like talking about goals is because I love connecting with other people about them and learning more about how they tick. When you talk about your goals, you learn a lot about who you are.

what you’re afraid of, what you desire, what you believe about yourself, what you believe about what you can do. And it’s fascinating to see that in myself and in the people that I coach and to try to think about how you can intentionally carve that road for yourself. I’ve also realized that it takes a lot of self discipline to take your big dream, clarify it, quantify it.

Navigating Goal Setting: Values, Beliefs, and Overcoming Past Limitations

Make a plan and to continue to work towards it with massive action. So as you think about your goals, you’ll start to realize what do you value? What are you afraid of? What do you believe about yourself? How is your past dominating your current and your future? Beliefs. How are you limiting your ability to move forward or grow by basing reality on the facts of the past?

Even in the society where highly ambitious and high achieving women join together just because they want to achieve what they want in their lives, it takes a lot of motivation and determination to come up with a goal and a plan to stick to. And I’m always innovating on how to support them better in their journeys.

What I’ve noticed is that the creation and attainment of a goal is dependent on if there’s a desire to achieve it and if the desire is greater than the fear surrounding it, and if the result has a top priority over other things in life. Lastly, it’s dependent on if there is a clear and uncomplicated operating procedure to get there.

Crafting Passionate Goals: Six Questions to Define Your Path

In episode three, I teach the six obstacles that stop people from setting goals and how to overcome them. In this episode, I’d like to focus on the six questions that I coach my society members on how to create a goal that you can be, that you can be passionate about as you move towards being the type of person who has that result.

These questions are rooted in defining your version of success in the past. In the present and in the future, they’re geared to foster self confidence and compassion for yourself and your past experiences so that you have the space to imagine who you have the capacity to become, to intentionally choose what that person’s life is about and to choose what part of that life.

You’re going to focus on and how you’re going to achieve that result. Are you ready? Here are the six questions to ask yourself to set a goal and a successful plan that you can feel passionate about:

1. What is life about for you?

What do you live for? What is your purpose? This is a question that gurus meditate on for their entire lives.

And truthfully, there’s no right answer. And it’s always evolving and changing. So instead of feeling like you need to get the right answer, Just ask yourself. What makes you tick? What do you want to happen in your life? What is the purpose and how are you contributing to the world?

Unlocking Your Purpose: Six Questions to Define Your Dreams and Goals

So many people in this world live lives of quiet desperation. They wake up in the morning, move from task to task, and then go to bed at night without real thought about what their purpose is. They allow society, their bosses, their families, and other people around them to tell them what they should do and who they should be. And they don’t really give much thought as to who the true individual is inside of them and the potential of what they could do if they really wanted to express their own individuality.

This is what Viktor Frankl talks about in his writings. He believed that people who have the greatest lives who accomplish the greatest feats and who survive are people who understand what their purpose is and that if you don’t have a purpose then you’re living in an existential vacuum where you just move from thing to thing without even really understanding or feeling what it really means So I ask you, what is life about for you?

2. What did you used to dream of that you’ve already realized and now take for granted?

When you ask someone to describe his or her dream life, rarely is there mention of what is already there. It’s sort of taken for granted. So the second question is, take a moment, ask yourself, what did you used to dream of that you’ve already realized and now take for granted? This greatly increases the power of the story that you tell yourself, which is your past version of success.

And it also increases The quality of your current version of success because it orients you to how much of your dreams you’re already living. Feel the gratitude and pride for that person in the past who made this life possible for you. The struggles, the sweat, the tears, what she or he had to overcome, how you had to grow, the mistakes you made, how you grew from them.

Have compassion for that struggle and give that person the love and attention that he or she deserves. For setting you up the current you. Lastly, realize that if, lastly, realize that if you’ve created the dreams. That you currently experience, you already have a strategy to recreate them and to create dreams to come.

3. What do you dream of now that you have yet to realize?

The third question is, what do you dream of now that you have yet to realize? Now we know that we currently live a form of our dreams based on the past, and that’s so amazing. What’s even more amazing is that that means that your future dreams are possible, so don’t hold yourself back by what you think is possible.

Just dream it. Keep in mind. Why do you want it? What will those things allow you to experience? And do you really care about them? Or does it just sound good? Maybe it’ll impress other people or maybe please those you love or those you care about.

4. what do you want to focus on achieving now this year?

The fourth question to ask is of that dream that you’ve created in your mind, what do you want to focus on achieving now this year?

This is what becomes your current outcome goal. Take one specific part of that dream and put your spotlight on that.

5. could you have this dream right now?

The fifth question is, could you have this dream right now? What’s stopping you from having that dream? What obstacles are preventing that from happening? And this leads us to our final question.

6. how can you create a project to convert each obstacle into a challenge that you can overcome?

Number six is how can you create a project to convert each obstacle into a challenge that you can overcome? This is where you can accomplish your process goals and your performance goals, which in the end are habits. that allow you to achieve your outcome goal. And now that you have an appreciation of your past and present, and a goal and a plan for the future, the next objective is to keep moving forward en masse.

In the next episode, I’ll be talking about how to maintain your belief in yourself and your goal and to continue feeling passionate about obtaining it so that you can continue to accomplish your process and performance goals until your outcome goal is just another part of your current version of success.

This is so important because in order to live your version of success and obtain anything that you want in life, you must take massive action. And when it comes to your process and performance goals, people love to get complicated about what that means and what needs to happen. And in the end of the day, all you need to do is to continue to move forward because massive action doesn’t mean huge steps.

heroic acts. All it means is that you’re willing to continue to try and to learn from your failures until you obtain the results that you want and to never ever give up. If your goal is something that you want to achieve in a year, it becomes a numbers game. And that’s where the difference between the science and the story arises.

When it comes down to it, you need enough data in order to achieve what you want. So every time you try, that’s a point. And every time you lose, that’s something to learn from. And it means that you need more points. And sooner or later, your wins will start to outnumber your losses. And that’s when you will obtain your dream.

I wish you the best. Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you. And if you want to go deeper into this with coaching or in the society, visit me at www. sheismoney. com. Until next time.

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