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My Case Study | The First Step
What I did to recover from burnout that earned me a surprise $9,575.95


Bonus One: Access to the So Money Society Community, Weekly Live & Recorded Sessions, and all curriculum

Bonus Two:
Dream Big Life and Goal Planning/scheduling Curriculum

Bonus Three:
Clarity of Mind Guided Meditation and Visualization Library with Introduction to Mindfulness

Bonus Four: She is Money Wealth Building Masterclasses and Toolkits

The Bonuses

Our 4 months Together Will Include:


  • 16 weeks in the So Money Society 
  • To learn the So Money Business Accelerator (sMBA) Framework
  • Create and Implement a profitable business or offer that makes money doing what you love
  • Learn about all the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets you need to optimize and scale your new money making machines

Why I hate it when influencers talk about hiring sitters and housecleaners as a strategy to make more money 

Learn how to apply the framework you've learned to your business, your investment strategy, and even your employment position and life in general.

Continue to build on your first framework by making more money and using your time on your terms in each new offer, your investment strategy and even in your employment position if you have one, and life in general



Learn the most important concept o free up your time by maximizing your value  

Successfully execute, delegate and automate critical results driven actions

Learn of cutting edge technology to help build your low touch machine



Instead of working harder, learn my technique for doing what's essential

Use this logical formula to become indistractable

Break the trading time for money rule by building your exponential and residual income makers

Disrupt the TIME-MONEY Continuum


Learn the best way to clarify what the right zone of genius is for you.

Clarify who you help with your superpower and why that matters.

Do this instead of cutting your price to make your offer more irresistible.


Tap Into Your Money Making $uperpower

What You'll Learn 

✔ You are sick and tired of working ALL THE TIME and not seeing the impact or the income you expected

✔ You want to actually enjoy your work again, and your time away from work too

✔ You're so ready to LIVE the LIFE you LOVE and make the MONEY you know you are meant to make

You are The Perfect Fit To Apply If:

Natalie | AMbitious Teacher

Natalie ended up taking an amazing lifetime opportunity in Martha's Vineyard and then moving on to South America to follow her love for teaching and adventure instead of allowing herself to stay safe and liked by others by staying small.

"With Johanna’s support and guidance, I found the courage to accept an opportunity that changed the trajectory of my life.”


As an employee, Melinda continues to focus on showing up as her best self, with a clear mind and the ability to give her best work. In the meantime, she is clarifying what the best offer would be for her to create as a side business.  

" I really enjoyed the whole session... just connecting. ”


As an employee and a grad student, Kristine learned how to take more control of her time by prioritizing what's essential and started investing $100 monthly in real estate using an app that has been yielding more than 10% returns.  

“(The last masterclasses is) so motivating and it’s given me so many more ideas!”


Kirin is halfway to her annual goal of a profitable pediatric practice that fulfills her because she chooses the hours she works and what she is doing during those hours. 

"(Johanna is) an amazing advocate and coach and I cannot thank (her) enough for all the things (she’s) helped me with.”

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